Friday, November 18, 2011


I've spent the last few days blazing through the android SDK and it seems incredibly easy to get relatively functional apps up and running quickly, it's very nicely laid out. My only problem with it is how eclipse dependant it seems to be, at this point I'm surprised they haven't provided a android based IDE, with the option, of course, to still use eclipse or whatever you may want to use... Looking forward to getting that project up and running, the foundations have been laid, once exams finish the building will commence!

Looks like I'll be taking my plunge into the cloud soon, specifically Microsofts azure to produce our Imagine cup project, we could equally wind up using XNA. We've come up with two great ideas, hopefully we'll be able to do the chosen one justice and bring it into the real world. I'll post the loosing idea here, just so its not abandoned completely, that way it will exist somewhere other than within a select few peoples heads!

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