Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The two main adventures of this year will be (and drumroll....)

The imagine cup and a small app for android!

The imagine cup which is this for those of you who dont know is something I'm really looking forward to participating in. As of now we're just a team of two and we may or may not be asking another one or two to join, we'll see what the workload is like! I'm not going to share the idea yet but in about 70days I'll be having fairly frequent blogs about it. Lets see if we can progress to the world stage!

Project number 2 is an android app that I'm developing for my friend! That too will be a closely guarded secret but I might be posting some code up here just to help myself through the thought process. I'm just after installing the SDK on eclipse which wasn't too bad, looking forward to tinkering with it.

I might even try my hand at afew android tutorials, although there's plenty of documentation out there, we'll see!


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